From a Flicker to a Flame

Humans. Are they always this negative? My uncle’s always had a knack for learning about them and the odd things they do. He insists on watching a daily screening of lies and depression humans have chosen to represent current life on this beautiful planet. They call it “The News”. Apparently, humans know they’re being fooled when watching this segment of broadcasted exaggeration. What’s mind-boggling is that they continue to watch it. The human race is one I don’t think I’ll ever understand the nature of. Where I come from, things are different.

My people aspire to inspire before we expire. We live for others, not for ourselves. How I see it, we are the sun and humans are the moon. No matter how different in purpose or behavior we are, we will always share and give the moon our light. But the moon, envious of our contentment and bliss with the simplistic and beautiful life we live, musters up enough negativity to completely veil our shine. On Earth, they call this the “Lunar Eclipse,” and unfortunately, it happens on a yearly basis. My heart aches for these humans; I’m sure they don’t mean any harm to you, Mother Earth. It’s their detachment from your profound roots that has clouded their judgment and corrupted their thinking. As for myself, I live by the quote of Suzanne Collins: “The sun persists in rising, so I make myself stand”. My main target in life is to instigate sparks of love and passion within others- just as fire does. Flames alone are symbolic because they show me what passion looks like. When I love, I love with all my heart. When I’m angry, I let myself be. I can feel fire inside me. And water? Water acts as the stress-reliever to my buzzing world of worries and often-mismatched trains of thought. To become one with water is to return as one with nature. The ability to let one’s body flow smoothly amidst water is a gift which humans rarely acknowledge the value of. The mind reacts to water as a dandelion reacts to sunlight; the combination of either two pairs activates the feeling of being in one’s element. And that’s what I am; an element. More specifically, I feel all of nature’s elements within me. And it is a bond I know can never be broken. The name’s Inne Ferno. And this is my story.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 11.25.43 AM


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