To the Easily Inspired

A couple of days ago, I watched Malala’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. Although I did not find that her words particularly expressed depth and fresh meaning, I found her speech nonetheless insightful. Simple, simple words exited her mouth with a new ring and an invitation to change. “You can be whatever you want to be”.

It’s quite ridiculous how simple this message seems at first glance, but it’s only once you really put your mind to unraveling the nuance to it that you look at it through an enlightening lens. I’ve always been told that I was more or less born into the Liberal Arts fragment of academia. Much to my surprise, this popular claim did not encourage my writing, so much as it hindered my potential success and level of care in regards to the Sciences. Even though I have always held a respectable level of honor and awe at the intricacies of chemistry and the like, it was because society didn’t necessarily “see” me in that field that I never cared to build upon this interest of mine.

And so, it is with the recent full-turning point of the Earth’s axis that I’ve decided to abandon the thoughts that cloud my academic potential. I dream of becoming both a woman of science and a woman of creative writing. I also dream of becoming an artist with the way my body responds to sound and rhythm. It’s the 21st century and being a dancer is still deemed unstable and unprofessional, especially in my motherland. Things must change.

Seeing as I’ve already expressed my innermost resolutions of the coming year, it would be criminal not to shed light on my more tentative, short-termed goals.  I have recently decided to feed my strive for leadership by heading various charitable organizations (or events, at the very least) as a means of shifting my focus from unhealthy competition to character-building. Competition for the top is as useless as remaining at the bottom. It’s helping those at the top on your way to that level of experience and reputation that really shapes a leader.

I plan on returning to the nearby, local orphanage to teach young girls basic dance routines and possibly help them with homework. Words will never describe the rewarding feeling that used to engulf me upon merely entering the girls’ room at Awladi Orphanage. Their faces would light up and scream, “Ms. Sara!” It’s amazing what an hour a week could do a misfortunate girl’s state of mind. The feedback that my mother would receive upon leaving the orphanage each week would surpass imaginable positivity and gratitude. That, alone, made me feel purposeful. More importantly, it made change just that more tangible.

Exercise and dance also unlock coves of light and energy within me that I’m not granted access to by any other means. It is for that reason that I aim to make running a normal habit and dance a regular routine. Perhaps lessons would do the trick for the latter. Music holds immense power over my body and soul, hence it would also behoove me to delve into the field of orchestra. I’ve always been fond of the harp. The local Opera Conservatoire could surely be of help.

And what about time, you ask? There’s no doubt that being an International Baccalaureate student already has me swamped. But it’s also no secret that time isn’t given, it’s taken. It’s created. In my humble opinion, I’m endowed with sufficient self-discipline to make the changes I wish to see possible. As are you, and everyone with thoughts and dreams. screen-shot-2014-08-10-at-11-42-03-am.png


One thought on “To the Easily Inspired

  1. How profound……..and truly inspiring for each and everyone of us to take a long look at our inner selves and embrace our aspirations!!! Very well worded Sara….your literary strength shines through every word in this article!!!

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