i have found myself in these here eight minutes. i have come to love myself more profoundly than ever before. i do believe that akua naru is sensuality in and of herself. her words, her aura, the music; this is what making love is. poetry: how does it feel? it feels like absolute euphoria. like magic, in a charming and realistic way. her work is real, it is pure and untouched.

what i have learned from this piece is but the value of sensuality. we have collectively reached a point, this younger generation, where sex has degraded to the extent that it appears dutiful. a task. a treat. and worst of all, a “plus”. i choose not to conform to such beliefs, and akua naru’s piece has brought me immense comfort in my decision to defy social norm. the way she grazes over the thought of making love to one’s soul mate sends shivers down my spine. i’ll repeatedly visit this exquisite piece time and time again- just to remind myself that there is incredible, sheer beauty to falling in love, and to sharing the mystical experience of making it.


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