G E T T I N G  L O S T

it took several trips to my balcony, journal in hand, with good music to put the developing epiphany in my head into full effect. i find that we are all large boxes. naturally, boxes are containers within which reside all sorts of little, tiny boxes and stuff of other substance. as a developing human being, we often cross paths with individuals who recognize a miniature box within our large box, but fail to see the large box for its true glory and worth. you know how they say that we’re just a result of all of our decisions and experiences? that’s the large box. you are a large box that’s getting accustomed to ebbing away at your flesh and bone to pull out tiny boxes for those who desire them. stop scarring your lively skin with all the knives and lies that you try to tell yourself just to sleep better at night. he’ll love you in the morning, he’ll love you when he’s sober. that’s not how it works. tiny boxes should be recognized and cherished for the tiny, personal qualities that compose the entire, lovely, damaged larger box that carries your name. don’t grant any midnight escape access into one of your delicate little boxes because those that enter head-first into little boxes miss the larger box entirely. 

i am lost. i am lost in the sense that i have deluged myself within the hundreds of journal entries and thousands of doodles that sprawl across my mind. deep whthin myself, within my box, i know that i’ve bent backwards one too many times for people who only saw me for the little box that they dreamed of conquering. i write today with an imagination that reaches far beyond the milky way, and a heart that’s open and raw enough to mature. i know that the larger box that makes me who i am deserves the most elaborate of serenades. the same goes for all mankind. stop settling; unlearn the lessons society is forcing upon you, and wire your mind in such a way that the choices you make leave a warm residue on your face. wake up and appreciate the sun, because if it gets up every morning in hopes of a brand new experience then so can you. read up on the matters that you love, busy yourself with more of yourself, and G E T L O S T.  



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