The Main Fault

You know what it is exactly that kills us as a human race? You know why it is we will not evolve? Not because our technological advancement is lacking, but because we are. We do not know empathy. We cannot understand or ever truly feel what others do, and so havoc arises. According to the self-interest theory, altruism is not even remotely possible. We’re so self-absorbed a race that things like empathy are nothing more than figments of our imagination that we have created to feel better about our nature. We’ve heard about it in Darwin’s findings and in countless action movies: it’s all about survival of the fittest. And there truly is nothing wrong with that, it’s just that society has conditioned us to identify selfishness as a flaw rather than an innate tendency. 

I believe the main issue is not that we cannot empathize, but that we continue to expect one another to. If we started treating every minor quarrel or argument as a reflection of internal conflict, and not mere desire to fight, human relationships would be a lot less complicated. We need to understand that everyone is a result of their own individual experiences that have cultivated them in unalterable ways. Should we understand that, and hence expect less understanding and sympathy from those around us, our lives could reflect a profound state of peace. 


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