There Are Days

There are days when I wake up

With bright eyes and broad shoulders

With the crisp,

Clean air of the morning 

Settling itself comfortably in my lungs

There are days

When I am positive 

That the skin that stretches all across my body is indestructible 

That choosing green tea over coffee was a good choice 

And that leaving you was an even better one.
But still, there are days

There are days when the sun travels 

To a different bedroom 

Leaves me wide-eyed in the 6 AM darkness 

Leaves me racking my brain 

For a reason to get up

Leaves me to cast its shadows upon my own face 
I mean,

There are days when I walk into glass doors and 

Non-glass doors too 

There are days when every drop 

Of effort and concentration 

I’ve squeezed out of myself seems to vanish

There are days 

That I wish were nights spent 

By your side 

Your hands in mine 


Inhabiting the same dimensions of space and time 
Those kinds of days 

Are the kinds we fear 

The kinds we try to escape 

But they exist 

We exist in them and we’ll never cease 

To do so 
A spectrum of days 

Some call it a calendar 




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