A Proper Autumn Day

Extrapolated from the real-life conversation seen in Prhps, a film written and produced by Karrot. 

Ç: What a beautiful autumn day.

S: A proper one at that.

Ç: I want to be there with a maroon scarf wrapped around my neck. A light beige cardigan. Carrying books to a nearby café. I sip green tea by the window, watching the leaves fall as I drop a spoonful of honey into my tea.

S: Wild imagination you got there.

Ç: I sigh at the beauty of autumn and crack open my journal.

S: Where are your glasses though? Have you forgotten them wala eh?

Ç: Was gonna add them. Dark brown rimmed glasses.

S: Aha go on. Black trench coat tayeb?

Ç: I consider taking it but decide against it and carry on. I’m sitting in the café. Writing and thinking and sipping. The bell atop the café door rings. New customer walks in.

S: But it’s too freaking cold to walk around mengheir coat.

Ç: Okay the coat will come just wait. He walks in and gauges the café.

S: Barista says, “Good morning, sir! The usual?” Guy laughs and takes his coat off.

Ç: He has alien fingers and well-conditioned hair. I consider striking up a conversation about the beauty of fall. Instead he walks over, starts talking Vsauce. I get up to leave.

S: He says, “Oh my, how cold it is!”

Ç: He says wait. I look back. He says, “Pls check out my soundclound.” And I exit once and for all.

S: What a proper autumn day.



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