hands and time – time and hands

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.31.12 PM my parents’ hands have grown old together. 30 years of a friendship so deep one would think they had just met. people say eyes are the windows to the soul but palms and fingers and wrists have traced its outline in unimaginable ways. it’s funny how we count on our fingers like the greatest quantity we could ever imagine is a solid 10. how profound a race; how intricate a race. and this is how love sprouts. you put your palms up against theirs and all of a sudden you’re capable of more. you’re both capable of more. 20 now. the power of love is tenfold. it’s not my parents’ anniversary. and both are still with me today. there shouldn’t have to be a reason or occasion to celebrate pure love.


One thought on “hands and time – time and hands

  1. This is so puristic and simple and genuine; it’s creative in its very simplicity and makes absolute sense in an absolute abstract and tangible sense. There’s pride in the style and in the content, the pride of confidence and certainty and unquestioned or questionable logic. A very sensitive piece by an innocent yet ever so mature observer. Lovely to read thru and thru, over and over again…not one observation is boring or banale.

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