Honey on Peanut Butter on Toast

Not many are aware of just how valuable the focus of the mind is. I sit now in my element: creme colored blankets strewn about my olive carpet, green tea to my left and feminist posters pinned up on the wall to my right. I am in my ‘zone’.

We use such language loosely, casually. As a result of the growing trend that supports the recognition of the individual in his or her preferred domain? Probably. Because we don’t fully understand the extent to which focus and mental dedication are powerful tools? I’d say so.

I’ve seen several instances that go to prove how effective focus is in transporting the individual from thought to action. The brain is an awe-inspiring vessel of potential and potential and further potential. If man were to do so much as govern this potential and perhaps channel it in a specific direction, we would see a blasting increase in efficiency. Not just in the workforce, but also at home. In social contexts. Within the self. The effects of training your brain to use its power and energy on one thing at a time are tenfold.

Take your ordinary, middle-class cupboard essentials. Peanut butter, honey and toast. Individually, these three ingredients could be used for the preparation of a variety of different meals. Now, that lost feeling that settles itself so comfortably in the pit of your stomach whenever you head to the kitchen and think that there’s nothing to eat will lead you to consider one of the following options: one, the number of delicious sandwiches you could’ve created if only you weren’t out of turkey and cheese, and the sweet taste of apples and peanut butter if apples were present, and how you’d drop a perfect spoonful of honey into your greek yogurt if you had any. Or two, how satisfied you would be if the three of your available ingredients were used to create one meal. Not only would the latter option be less time-consuming, but you’ll also relieve your hunger. And what led you to that conclusion? Focus.

Simple day-to-day experiences like these aren’t granted much thought because of their seemingly minimal effect on the individual’s psyche or mental well-being. I believe otherwise. It’s through petty sandwich turmoil and the decision to lay the cards you’ve been dealt that one’s cognitive scope expands. And everything requires focus. Doing anything right or well requires a certain level of brain power concentration.

Why not excel at what we love to do? Why not become masters of our passions? Hard, arduous work paves the way for expertise. Do not undermine the power of focus and directed energy. We are a capable race of sheer potential; the number of things we could do and do well if we concentrated is unimaginable. So organize your time, give every decision or product of your being thought and concentration. Focus on worldly matters, matters of the self and things like toast. Dissect and ponder, then act upon your formulated thoughts. At least in the context of youth, the result of pure focus is incredible and inspiring.


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