Cheers to a year of anticipation, thrill and exploration of the self. With the death of my high school self approaching near, a greater, more mature and solidified me is ready to be unveiled. I have also gained enough wisdom to realize that this veil was but a product of my mind’s creation, clouding and muting the self I know and love as the best representation of my own psyche. 

Just as 2015 was riddled with lessons on both mild and dangerous ends of the spectrum, I expect nothing different from 2016 in that light. I do expect a difference in my overall attitude regarding such lessons, however. It’s safe to say I’ve reached a certain level of mental and emotional stability whereby my soul is a wooden sailor boat steered by a fair combination of wind and oar. My deep spiritual connection with God and greater energies has given me enough faith to welcome the unkown as an uncontrollable affair, and my strong will and determined character has given me the earnest to control all that is in my very power. Let this year be a steady refill of Lemon-Mint: the sweetness of trial and success paired with the anticipated sharp turns of reality. 

“Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid


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