I too am Black and a Feminist: On the importance of Black British Feminism


Media Diversified

by Siana Bangura

“Sisterhood empowers women by respecting, protecting, encouraging, and loving [them]”, bell hooks declared in 1982 in her exploration of black women and Feminism.

By default, when speaking about Black Feminism most will turn to bell hooks or Audre Lorde or another African American woman and quote her words and experiences. A quick trip to Google will confirm the extent of which Black Feminism has an African American face. Like many (young) women of colour, when I first became ‘radicalised’ or ‘conscious’, and sought to (re)claim the label ‘Feminist’, I found comfort in the words of titans like hooks, Lorde, Truth, Hill-Collins, Walker, and countless other African-American women who were at the vanguard of the movement, challenging the patriarchy of white (and black) men, as well as the racism of white women in the Feminist movement. It is much harder to find a comprehensive list of Black British…

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