Eyes Wide Open

It’s kind of funny how we associate courage with keeping your eyes wide open. The kid who watched a horror film at seven and didn’t blink once. That time your sister went skydiving and dove into nothingness with her eyes fully open. The man who stood by his wife’s side in the delivery room and watched the gory scene in its absolute entirety. Bravery. I suppose it’s got something to do with facing reality head-on and being prepared for anything.

But, wouldn’t it be more courageous of us to close our eyes in these situations? Think of the times you normally shut your lids. Sleep. A kiss. Swimming. Your first sip of morning green tea. All of these things are relaxing affairs that are known to release endorphins in the blood and make you feel elated or at peace. Granted, there isn’t much of a thrill in this but it does involve the main building-block of bravery: faith.

You need faith in the workings of destiny, and perhaps a divine power, to carry yourself fearlessly. Beyond that, you need faith in your purpose to carry yourself at all.

Now think again of how you feel when you close your eyes. You’re comfortable. You’re at peace. And you have faith in either your emotional or physical state. You have faith that the world will not crumble at the close of your eyelids, and that the sky and the earth will remain in place. That is bravery.

So the next time you’re about to engage in some thrilling experience, try and test yourself. Open your mind. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. And commence.


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