intergalactic thought

i was speaking to my chemistry teacher just now when a butterfly-like thought fluttered into my head. presently, we’re learning about collision theory and the laws that fall under it. according to collision theory, chemical reactions can and will only occur when two or more particles collide and do so with proper orientation. given that, i wondered, would the laws of collision theory still hold true in a zero gravity setting – say – outer space?

sound is defined as the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibrations transmitted through the air or other medium. a certain surface of matter is required for sound to be emitted and heard. assuming that in a zero gravity setting particles will seldom collide, vibrations will not be able to be transmitted through an existing medium. in other words, there is no sound in outer space. not a single peep. you can scream and no one will hear you. you won’t even hear yourself. maybe your words will be carried on through the galaxies until they hit a medium, vibrate, and travel to the ears of nearby extraterrestrial beings.


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