The Piece

Recently I soaked in a tub Of warm water

Of flower petals

Of bath salt

And of uninterrupted thought

To see if I could

Rid my body

Of this pleasant, polite, pretty

And purposeless

Front I call skin.

Recently I swam in the rivers

Of our honey-colored fantasy

I tell you It was like I was a

Brilliant Rainbow fish

You’d had the luck of spotting underwater

And just





Until you’d counted all

The magical colors

You could possibly see

Recently I

Showered under the water

Of curiosity

And wonder

See I didn’t know much about you

Nor you about me

We didn’t know



For certain

Except one element

Of pure truth

The truth of that moment

The moment our lips fit like puzzle pieces

And our limbs tangled like flower stems

See in that moment,

My head buzzed with the thought of you

While your arms Merely Longed for the arch in my back

And so we continued on as strangers


Exploring foreign grounds

Trudging on lands of emotion

And hurt

And regret

Tip-toeing across


I whispered,

“You’re stepping on my heart.”

Recently I was a lone pebble

Falling into puddle after puddle

Of the same misconception

“Maybe you’re just too sensitive, Sara”

“Perhaps, perhaps you could just Stop taking things to heart”

People said to me

Hm, I always found that funny

Stop taking things to heart?

Sir, I have hearts for eyes

I see through empathy and compassion

This is the only way I know how to connect

How else do you understand the pain

And the respect the emotion of the person

Crying in front of you?

Oh right,

You don’t.

Recently I let myself become aqua

Let myself feel

The flow and natural rush Of emotion

Night and day

I am now okay

With the texture of my heart as clay

Malleable and soft

Taking the shape of every experience

And person

And thought

That has in some way affected me

And staying that way

Until I let another sculptor work at my chest

Openly and fearlessly


Do we block the sun from shining

On beautiful words like open and bold and real and raw


Do we shade all of this profound magic

With the one tragic color

Of weakness

Excuse me while I say this but

Recently I was just another swirl In this big blue ocean of confusion

And being misunderstood

So I called God up on the phone

Between tears and bits of pride

I called God up on the phone and I asked her

Why This damn sky is always so blue

Before I could even get a response

A beautiful flow of energy seeped through my skin

And electrified my soul “You want to know why the sky is blue?”I heard a voice whisper in my ears, it’s because when man cries the universe directs all its energy to healing him. It rises the tide to sink his pain, it stirs great wind to blow away his worries, and it opens up the sky to welcome his emotion. And just like that, the clouds turn white with the purity of man’s raw emotion and the sky itself turns blue. Blue with man’s eternal sadness, for he will always want more. He knows not that the entire universe flows through his bloodstream. That the pulsing energy of galaxies afar is what makes his heart beat. The sky could have been an emerald green or a dazzling gold But alas man has painted it blue. Things made sense from then on. Things finally made sense. I am not one to fit into any number of boxes or check marks or rubrics or sizes.


Am tank of ever-flowing water

Drops of sadness

Drops of courage

Drops of love

And drops of hurt


Make up

This ever-flowing tank

And for as long as I live

I will clear the glass of this tank

With wet wipes

And newspapers

And things like soap

So that maybe we’ll learn

As a collective race

That vulnerability

Is strength.


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