Dearly Departed (a Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius)

My little prodigy.. you make me so proud, little sis.


I cannot decide which is more romantic,

preservation or decay.


and so I bought you medication

then committed to resignation.

I held your hand in my own

then I let you cry alone.

I felt a shroud of misery,

reprimanded myself and cut my rosary.

I carved a tombstone and wrote you speeches

then shattered my efforts and ripped them to pieces.

I picked flowers for you and God

then waited so I could watch them rot.

I found myself in sadness and stress

then decided to wear my most colorful dress.

I couldn’t stop thinking of me and you,

so I planned a date with someone new.


Memories of us all over the floor

December 28th: an internal war.

Not a war with blood and a gun

but of spite and hate and feeling numb.

A battle between myself and my memory

Slowly losing my sanity and energy

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