how to stand back up

for my lovely friend who holds pink in one hand and the world’s secrets in the other.
  1. fix yourself a hot breakfast every morning. brew your favorite tea and hum your favorite kali uchis song while doing so. it’ll help you feel wholly present.
  2. limit your phone use. stop rereading chats and swiping through old photos. channel all your energy towards today.
  3. drink lots of water
  4. spend at least ten to fifteen minutes outdoors. no exercise is necessary, although it wouldn’t hurt. just being out and part of the buzzing world is enough to make you realize that there is far too much going on to waste time dwelling on the past.
  5. message your best friend and remind her of that time you two cried from laughter. show her you miss her.
  6. sketch
  7. create your own organic scrub. (olive oil and brown sugar is a wonderful mix)
  8. write out a list of ten things you love about yourself. if you struggle with ideas, ask your little sister. she’ll know at least a dozen.
  9. reread your favorite book. think about how different you feel reading it this time around.
  10. hug your mother
  11. blast beyonce’s ‘lemonade’ in your room and apply your make up to perfection. even if you’re not going out tonight. be murderously beautiful for yourself.
  12. watch a documentary on polar bears. seeing the ice will cool your bruises and learning about animals will lift your spirits.
  13. work on your novel
  14. treat yourself to freshly baked cookies at a small cafe. remind yourself of how beautiful the sense of taste is.
  15. hum another kali uchis song
  16. pray for your loved ones before you sleep. get on your knees or just gaze out the window and think your prayer into existence. it’s just a matter of feeling.
  17. hold yourself nice and tight and remember. you are loved.

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