about the bruised knees


kiss them. stretch your legs on the open floor after the fall and kiss them. then bring them to your chest. hold yourself nice and tight. doesn’t it feel like journey. doesn’t it feel like safety. these are your arms. you belong in them and not in others. now stand up. brush the dirt off of your elbows. but keep the dust on your hands for later. for when the water will wash the fall off of your skin and stain itself the color of story. look how beautiful you are. feel how strong you are. how dynamic and absolutely alive. you are not yourself after the fall. your knees are bruised. your arms scraped. your head swimming. but you are walking still. you stood up and are walking still. this body will bring you to heartache and lost lovers. but it will take you greater places. look in the mirror and believe it is yours. believe that there is no greater place to be than within your body. you are magic. living breathing magic.


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