f you february (ily)


how much happiness the bashful winter sun brings me.

  • central park
  • fruit popsicle
  • warmth
  • bones dancing to a a a a


hopeful rhythm.

i am settled. settled here. here i am settled. new york city is letting me



fake everything fake. schools of fish crossing

blindly. union square. cannnnnnnnnnnnt adjust to big city                                         emptiness.

skin rejects piercing. push push it out. push me out take me home. the sun

does not


in cairo. at least it never seemed to


i stopped to smell blossoming lavender. late to class doesn’t matter

petals peddle my path to          f r e e d o m

to believe in global spring— the most wildly human season i love it so

jacaranda trees bloom after rainstorm. homesickness

february you taste so bland. needing flavor missing

him. we don’t talk/we talk all the time



fuck you february.



keeping myself busy. eye contact is funky

on my way home no music

listening to street

lollipop traffic lights

saturated footsteps                   walkingwalkingwalkingwalkingwalking


skyscrapers scraping sky leaving nothing

skyscrapers scraping sky leaving nothing

skycrapers scraping sky leaving


  1. with torn clouds


// no wonder they cry so much



airtight. alright

i have faith in spring –  i carry april in my pocket

i’ll scatter flowers everywhere

everywhere! just watch me

airtight. alright. i am










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