I’ve a million and one stories coursing through my blood. I’ve a dozen different identities tingling beneath my skin, dying to be exposed. My imagination is forever buzzing with ideas of developing certain traits in me, or people around me, to fully embody a brand new person. What happens when you let your imagination run absolutely wild? Daydreams. Daydreams all the time.

This is a collection of the various daydreams that bless my thought process and give me faith in the future and the many people I can become. Snippets and scenes of different situations I want to be in one day constantly flash before my eyes. I hope this eternally dreaming part of me is never silenced or forgotten; even in my late 60s when it seems like there’s only so much I can do in the remainder of my life, I want to keep dreaming and enjoying the sweet aftertaste of such daydreams. After all, what are daydreams if not the subconscious’ way of telling the tale of a story that’s begging to happen?