7: Earth

Sunrise. You’re slowly waking up. I’m fixing tea. I always add an extra spoon of honey in your cup because your immunity needs it. I take better care of health in the family, and you handle our eccentricities. Everything about this life is balanced. Although our home base is in Cairo, we make it a point to travel as much as we can. I tour with my spoken word and two published volumes of poetry. You tour with your art and instigate pop-up galleries. We are art. What’s more, so are our future children. We’re in no rush, but we know we want to start a family. I want more than anything to name our first daughter Fairuz. You can name the second one. But I’d love to be Um Fairuz.

Your sleepy face makes me laugh. Such a goof. You take me in your arms and sigh. This is how you tell me you’re grateful. That you can’t believe how lucky you are to be with me. You do that thing where you hold me tight and close your eyes. This is how you tell me you love me. I have added a whole new language to my vocabulary through being with you. It is the language of love. Expressions and interpretations have fitted themselves daintily in the hidden gaps of my vernacular. Mental leaps and acts of sheer compassion have become part of my daily routine. I am equipped to love and keep loving you. Something about what we have is drenched in oneness. Complications and adversities exist, but the larger togetherness we share is too precious to let anything bother us for too long. We are on a journey toward enlightenment. Toward eternal sunshine. Toward endless earth. And what’s most beautiful of all is our shared value for support. We support one another’s craft. In this way, we are one another’s craft. You always call me your muse. Well you are my stained-glass window. The world is deliciously colored when I look at it through the love you shower me in. I am elated and filled with kindness. You make me want to become more of myself every day. And I cannot wait to shower our children with this overwhelming love. Perhaps there isn’t one particular color that we embody. We are here. We are present and ready to push into the world just as much as it will let us pull. We are on a train track of creativity and innovation, with not one but infinite destinations in mind. But our thirst for exploration does not burn. For we have each other. And that is more than enough.