3: White

Inhale. Pause. Exhale.

It’s sunrise in Kauai. I’m in a stellar white bikini and he is still asleep in our wonderful honeymoon suite. The water glitters as the sun dances gracefully on its surface, sending shards of cool color all across the surrounding mountains. I hear the rush of the waterfall nearby and it calms my spirit. I am at peace. I am content.

I look down at my light blue-painted toenails. The combination of the Kauai breeze and sun has plastered a beautiful tan on my skin. I am dark and I am lovely. With a sweet sigh at the beautiful scenery, I gather my cup of warm honey-green tea and walk back into the suite. He wakes up and bares that gorgeous smile of his. His perfect teeth and dimples, his five o’clock shadow, his tousled golden hair. This is the man I’m in love with, I thought to myself. We both believe in the powers of energy and telepathy, so it’s quite easy for him to pick up on my thoughts and feelings. With one swift movement, he comes over and scoops me up in his arms, sending my green tea splashing all over us like the waterfall right outside. He’s in the hotel’s white bathrobe and it fits him like a glove. After play-fighting for a bit, I put some Astrud Gilberto on while we both get ready. My hair is a chestnut brown with bleached highlights, and the ocean has created delicate waves beside my face. I grab my brown leather backpack and toss my polaroid, journal, chapstick, an apple, money, the room key, and his favorite granola bar. We won’t need anything else. He decides to bring his ukelele. We are to go snorkeling, canoeing, exploring an island we read about, and later performing for a live audience at the beach. I’ve been working on some quality beat poetry and he can catch my lyrical flow unlike anyone else. He beatboxes and strums.  I could not imagine being with anyone else in this moment. I could not imagine being with anyone not artistically inclined, not aware of the beauty of life, not filled with light at their core. He is a beam of white light. As am I. As is our love. And as is Kauai.