4: Lime Green

I am the freshness of the early morning. I am the crisp, tingly feeling you get when you walk into a dark movie theatre with your popcorn in hand. I am all those nights in which we floated to the clouds and remained there for a little longer than we probably should have. I am alive. And I am lime green.

On this day, I am wearing a flamboyant yellow scarf wrapped around my jet black tank-top and color coordinated choker. I also have a turquoise crescent pendant hanging from my delicate silver necklace. A brilliant set altogether. We are running in a field of sunflowers. There are bees. They sting us and we laugh and continue running. Not running from or to anything in particular. We’re just letting our legs breathe. I’m laughing at you trying to catch me. You’re laughing too, but it’s because you’re out of breath. I told you we should stop smoking, but you dismissed the thought. You claim we taste every color when we’re high. I tell you that colors are meant to be seen. We both know I’m lying. The sun is setting, or perhaps it’s right before sunset. Yes, right when the sun is zapping the horizon with a loving smooch; a loaded swack. The sun rays wrap around the earth like elastic rubber bands. Zap, is what I hear. I enjoy that we’re both so full of light and life and energy. We’re so young, so in love and so genuine. Our togetherness is a real, tangible manifestation of jungle spirits and sweet coconut. Chocolate drops, too. I’m riding on his back at this point, his bare naked back, as we race through this seamless sunflower field. We pray that we never reach a clearing. That the earth will just stretch for miles and miles on end. It shall carry us along its journey of life and age and nurture. Mother Earth, if you would just be so kind as to keep stretching your soil for the entire length of our passion and love… I think pathetically to myself. There is such sweet harmony to our togetherness. To our being alive individually as well, but more so our togetherness. He’s my pal, my go-to, my right hand, my best friend, my soul mate, and my lover. The 100 Acre Wood stretches out in front of us like the surface of the universe itself. And we are but two specks. Two weeds dancing softly in the wind. He is energy and passion and gold and rustic brown and adventure and dimples and teeth and polaroid pictures. And as for myself, I am lime green.