Storytelling is a beautiful source of control. Literature, in its most pure and heartfelt form, allows for a writer to become an artisan in crafting fiction as he or she pleases. It is especially effective for the youth, who renew and cleanse themselves through crafting fictional stories that may (or may not) have branched off actual experience. Such is the case with me; I write short stories to travel beyond the life I’ve gotten accustomed to. I find that the most rejuvenating of cures for feeling trapped or caged-in, as I so frequently do feel, is imagination. Freedom is in the mind, and it takes understanding the value and power of the arts, literature, and all other creative platforms to truly free the spirit.

Collected here are my most recent pieces. Although many believe that authors self-reflect in their writing, this is not the case with me. On the contrary, I seek to explore the multi-dimensional capabilities of the mind by straying as far away as I can from familiarity. I thrive off of creativity and the thrill of literature.

An escape, one would call it.

Any comments or thoughts you may have pertaining to my work would be very much appreciated. You can comment on the actual post or contact me at


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