Fatality of Faith

Last Wednesday

On the 20th of November

11 parts of me died

My faith had run away

Not wanting to meddle

With the wicked intricacies

Of reality

Flashing images

Of a suicide bombing in Sinai

Blind my vision

A physical

And emotional


While my heart goes out

To those 11 soldiers

Whose eyes

Shall never see the light of life

My heart throbs

For their forever pained families

Who shall live on

Only familiar with life’s darkness

“11 dead and 27 wounded”

The words etch into my heart

Like an ignited dagger

Questions of the pureness of humanity

Trouble my sleep

What image can I withhold of heaven

When everything around me

Screams of hell?

But who am I

To blame the human race

For what it has become


Am merely a blade of grass

In His garden

Callings for unity

Have prevented discrimination

And yet clearly not death

An unsolvable Rubik’s cube

Will forever be my outlook

For worldwide purity

Was never an option

But alas, who am I

To use such definitive words

Of unity and tolerance

When peace within my own country

Is a perpetual battle

My unheard women

Are veiled with disgrace

My totalitarian men

Are bearded with power

And my poor Egyptian flag

Depicts the stages

Of my patriotic heart:

From red with passion and life

To pale with numbness

To the blackness

Of my deeply troubled self

No matter how many imaginary flights

I journey on the back

Of the golden Egyptian eagle,

those painful words

On that painful Wednesday

Will forever burn and bleed:

11 dead

And 27 wounded.

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