For Sir and the Sun


I am wrong

I am so wrong

To even consider mutual equality

To walk among your streets

Tall and proud

I am wrong

How dare I use such bold words?

Gender equality


Human rights

I am wrong

Allow me to apologize

Oh sir of great stature and respectability

For your culture has

Sewn our mouths shut

And your heat has deprived us

Of our expected femininity

But the sound of your men’s glasses clinking


The everlasting reign over our minds

Proves the corruption in yours

Allow me to-

Prevent me from

Staring directly into your Arab sun

With eyes of intense desire

For change

Hurt me it shan’t

And blind me it won’t

For the heated blood that courses through my veins

Keeps me

Pumped and alive


Place me in a tub

Of unjust expectation

And discrimination

Let the waters

Of your wicked and sinister fantasies

Run free

Drown I shan’t

And die

I won’t

For these years of silence

Have lengthened my breath

And strengthened my patience

Your constant race against the sun

To come home before her

To shield yourself

Of her power

Is, excuse me sir, one of utter


The radiance and pride

With which I speak

Stems from the everlasting glow

Of her majesty

The sun


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