Mama’s Work

So my mama decided to take a shot at writing poetry, and she ended up crafting quite a profound little piece. She said it was inspired by coming across an older picture of her, where she looked young and less wrinkly. When she presented the poem to me, she called it silly in the same way a baker would call their chocolate cake moist: with recognizable pride. She never fails to have a different, more positive perspective on what society generally belittles or marginalizes. I’m so proud that my mama can find it in herself to have such a beautiful perspective on age and growth. She is indeed an expert at inneresque.

“Where Did My Face Go”

I tried to keep my face in place

But it subtly ran away

I tried to keep my face in place

But it simply wouldn’t stay

Where did you go, my face?

I said

Did you really have to go?

I found myself answering back,

“Idiot, how would I know?”

For you are me

And I am you

Come wrinkle face or shine

We are the same inside this head,

No matter how you whine

You try to make me feel so bad

About some silly lines

When so much more lies

Inside this glorious, splendid mind!

Stop trying to find yourself

In reflections made of glass

Be smart and look within,

And tell yourself, “Come on, have some class”

I’m still here with you, dear

Regardless of that frame

A face is but the cover, love

Of a picture that stays the same

I am who I am

No matter what you say

One day this whole body will go

And I’ll joyfully fly away

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