Orange in her hair and orange in her spirit

I got to know this orange girl

Quite a while ago

When the only conversation we ever had

Was about who could go higher on this rickety swing set

Let’s toss glitter on the ground and roll over in the mess

Let’s embrace the beauty of youth


Small, quaint talk

For small quaint persons


Fast forward 5, 6 years

I can see my orange friend grow

And develop

But I can’t understand how

My orange friend is

Growing and developing

Because I too

Am doing the same

On an entirely different wavelength


“Mama I don’t get to see her anymore because we’re just different people”


It’s funny what the combined powers of time and distance

Can do to friendship




Hey maybe I’ll give orange a try


I’ll stay up at night

Pick at her brain and see


Maybe orange and I grew closer together

In the time that we spent apart


Holy fuck



Orange was never the kind of color that I liked to bear on my chest but if she is what represents orange in its fresh, zesty, and ever-radiant presence then I’ll wear orange like a mark of pride.


You know

You know how you look up at the sun sometimes when you’re feeling so fucking low

And you just stare directly at it—

You see this collosal mass of yellow

Bright, shiny yellow

And it glows so strong you can’t look away

But I swear

That just around the rim of that sun

Is a beautiful ring of the color orange



Is the sun

She is the sun in the same way that I look for my mother to nurture me

And comfort me

She is the sun in the same way that sitting under a tree will make you feel secure and cool, while your insides are at war

She is the sun

Because she’s been there for me

By my side all along

In brilliant orange.


And now that I know?

Now that I know she speaks in languages far beyond mankind’s ability to understand I am not letting go of her.

There is no universal dimension in which we will not cross paths because we

Are wired to understand

And promote one another


I will be there

Day and night

I will be there

When gloomy clouds try to mask her sunlight

I will be there to

Reflect her glory onto less fortunate people

Whose vision is fixed to the boundaries of the magnetic spectrum


With her I see ultra-violet

I see infra-red

And I see colors that the English language cannot even describe

But for those

Who can’t understand the kind of bond we’ve made

Over joints and pizza and flammable things like emotion

For those who can’t understand

What it feels like to be loved so deeply

By someone who means the absolute to world to you

For those kinds of people

Just imagine