The Morning That Never Dawned

The morning that never dawned

Her people lay afraid

Warmed by desert heat

Yet chilled to the bone in fear of thedovve



Blood, bombs, and brutality

Are sprawled across Khaltu’s television set

Harrowingly heart-rending

And undeniably spirit-shattering

Flashes of terror

I dart my eyes away

But my soul stays


In a profound trance


To travel to the children of Gaza

To the young warriors of Gaza

To the old and battered

Strong, silent, and patient

Monumental woman

That is Gaza


There she stood

Century after century

Watching man after man

Claim her

Possess her

Invade her


My body is my landmark

That I have given my people

And my people alone

Yet hushed were her whispers

And unpronounced were her tears


Helplessly staring

Into the televised eyes

Of tragedy and injustice

Khaltu picks up the remote and

With the click of a blue button

Gaza’s heart no longer pumps with mine

Her rights no longer yearn for respect

Her story

No longer heard


Wait, Khaltu, wait!

There’s a world beyond our living room

There’s a suffering woman pained with unfairness

There’s so




But Khaltu said to me

Khaltu promised me

That things

Would look better in the morning

And so that night I

Cried my hurting heart out

I stamped it with a mark of perseverance

And mailed the pumping package

To my dear friend, Gaza


Things would look better in the morning

My Khaltu would say,

The morning

That never dawned


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