Ya Farha Ma Tamet

Black screen fades onto zoomed-in eyes. Eyes are looking around and blinking. Crisp voice cuts the silence.
Mama always used to tell me "ehna nestahe2 el sa3ada". We deserve happiness.
White or black backdrop, girl "adjusts" the camera as though taping herself. Looksinto camera as though she was just crying.
Nobody wants to believe otherwise. That they don't deserve to be happy.
Voice-over continues as the footage rolls.
Little girl + her mom playing with bubbles. Sun shining. People enjoying the beach. Two laughing side-by-side. Girl's narration continues throughout.
We.. try to convince ourselves that happiness is a state of mind. That you can perceive anything and everything through a positive perspective and simply "be" happy. Forever. (pause) And we try, we try so hard to believe that us being happy means that we are happy people. We know life and love, we can smile.
Camera shows girl's face, puffy after light crying. She ruffles her hair and stares into the camera.
It isn't real. You know, being happy as a person. All the time. It's not a state of mind, it's just.. circumstance and luck and a bunch of other things no one really wants to owe *breathes in*
Two girls laughing with fruit.
..their happiness to.
Girls get up, leave the basket of grapes and camera zooms in on the grapes.
Girl rolls her neck in stress. She looks into the camera.
How can "happy" be a quality or character trait that describes anyone.. is the little boy whose parents abandoned him on the streets at the age of 2, not entitled to happiness simply because he carries years
Deserted beach/coastline. Shining sun.
of misery and silence on his back.
Cool sun trick and rapid piano music starts playing.
Stop asking people if they're happy or not - happy is just not something you can be. You have to feel it, embrace it, become it for a matter of minutes because
Zoom in on girl.
Happiness is only real because it's fleeting.
Narrator girl walks forward with her back to the camera. She's walking onward. Sandals are in her left hand.
It never stays. Because it can't. Ya far7a ma tamet. Mama would always say that. Bliss is felt because.. because it isn't.
Girl drops her sandals. She keeps walking barefoot, but she's out of focus. We only see the sandals left on the floor. In white letters and once the piano, light music starts playing:
Ya Farha Ma tamet
يا فرحة ما تمت